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Meet Angela

I grew up in Derry, PA. My father was a union painter, and I know that without the support of his union, my childhood would have been very different. I was the first member of my family to go to college, where I earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Vincent College and a master's degree in teaching from Chatham College. 

I began teaching in 1999 and have taught at Elizabeth Forward for 17 years. As a teacher, I believe in helping to build a community that is focused on continuously improving our standards, our strategies, and our practices- all for the love of our students and for the love of learning.   In 2021, I was selected as Educator of the Year Canvas LMS for my work in redefining traditional classroom activities to help students meet their academic goals, supporting inclusion for at-risk populations, and sparking curiosity in and out of the classroom.

Outside of school, I am a runner and have shared that passion with my community as a coach with Kids of Steel. I also volunteer with the Foster Love Project with Gwen’s Girls. 

In 2020, I was elected to South Park’s school board.  I ran for school board because I have a personal interest in preserving and improving the quality of our schools.  I believe in quality public education for current and future students.  

I have lived in South Park since 1996 and have raised my three children here with my husband, Duane.

I’m running for PA’s 39th house district because I believe we deserve a present representative who can be a voice for all constituents. I know what it looks like to work hard for your family, and I will work just as hard to ensure that PA39 has a strong voice fighting for them in Harrisburg.


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